War of Ukraine David Beckham made his Instagram account of 70 million followers available to a Ukrainian obstetrician

The followers of the former football star got to see how the maternity ward in Kharkov works in the middle of a war.

One on Sunday, more than 70 million followers of the hugely popular Instagram account were offered the opportunity to see, through videos and pictures, how the Ukrainian maternity hospital was operating in the midst of the war.

The holder of that account is a former football superstar David Beckhamwhich was once one of the most famous athletes in the world.

Beckham has served as Unicef’s ambassador since 2005, and on Sunday she gave her Instagram account to a Ukrainian obstetrician Irinan for use.

The Englishman Beckham reported on the matter himself on Instagram, and it was reported by a British newspaper, among others The Guardian.

Irina showed Beckham ‘s 71.5 million followers how the Kharkiv maternity ward was operating in a barren evacuation room in the basement to which it had moved after Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine.

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According to The Guardian, Irina said in videos posted in the Stories section of Beckham’s Instagram account that she works around the clock.

“We’re probably in danger of death, but we don’t think about it at all. We love our work. Doctors and nurses here, we are worried, we are crying, but none of us will give up, ”Irina said.

Beckham encouraged his followers to donate money to provide Ukrainian families with food and clean water, as well as maternity hospitals and child welfare services.

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