War of Ukraine Arnold Schwarzenegger’s anti-war speech also became one of the most popular videos in Russia

A petition to end the war of aggression was also published in Russia on the Telegram channel, to which the Russians still have access.

California former governor Arnold Schwarzeneggerin A video appeal released last week to end the war in Ukraine has garnered popularity on social media.

The nine-minute video, subtitled in Russian, was released on March 17 on various channels. Indeed, it is aimed at the name of the Russians themselves, so that they work to end the war of aggression in Russia.

The video has had nearly 35 million viewers on Twitter to date and has been shared about 476,000 times.

There are about 14.4 million views on Facebook and about six million on Instagram.

Russia is since the start of the war, severely restricted social media, but even there Schwarzenegger’s video has received attention. According to the BBC the video rose to the top of Twitter’s most popular topics in Russia right away.

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It is possible to access Twitter in Russia, among other things through the data protection version.

The video was also published on the Telegram service, to which the Russians still have access, and According to the Swedish broadcaster SVT The number of views per day was 600,000.

In all, Schwarzenegger has five million followers on Twitter, 25 million on Facebook and 22 million on Instagram worldwide.

Austrian-born the bodybuilder and film actor, Schwarzenegger, 74, who later turned to U.S. politics, has had a long and close relationship with Russia.

He has visited the country frequently and knows Russian leaders. The Kremlin’s official Twitter account, for example, follows Schwarzenegger on a messaging channel.

In a video now released, however, he urged the Russians to find out exactly what the war is all about and what is happening in it.

“This is an illegal war. Your life, your limbs and your future have been sacrificed to a senseless war that the whole world is condemning, ”he appeals to the Russian soldiers.

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In the Kremlin in power Schwarzenegger asks “why do you want to sacrifice a young man for your own ends”.

Meanwhile, the video shows a picture of the president Vladimir from Putin holding a gun.

Schwarzenegger also addresses Putin directly.

“You started this war. You are leading this war. You can end this war. ”

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