War | Ministry of Foreign Affairs: More and more Russian men of military age are coming from Russia to Finland

The consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that Russia’s business proposal will further increase the already observed phenomenon.

Russians men of conscription age are now trying to leave Russia in increasing numbers, and the phenomenon is also reflected in visa applications coming to Finland, says the head of consulship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jussi Tanner.

“It has increased significantly,” he tells HS.

“There are applications that show that there is an effort to get out of Russia and the return condition is not met. Then the visa decision is negative.”

Tanner reminds that the law must be followed in this matter as well, even if someone might think that in terms of Ukraine’s war efforts, the escape of Russian conscripts from Russia could be a good thing.

“It’s not about desire, in this case either.”

Field is convinced that the partial implementation of the movement announced by Russia will only intensify the phenomenon.

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Even though the move affects only a very small part of the reservists, the deterrent effect can be greater. Russian men can’t know if the movement is being expanded at some point now that the first step has been taken.

When HS reached Tanner on Wednesday, a meeting was held at the consular department specifically regarding the effects of the business proposal.

Second the question that arises is related to the security threat posed by Russian citizens in Finland. The Baltic countries have restricted the entry of Russians, claiming that they consider Russians a security threat.

In Finland, at least not yet, there has been no desire to make such an interpretation that all Russians are automatically a security threat.

Will this interpretation change with the introduction of the motion?

“That analysis is done carefully in consultation with various authorities,” says Tanner. “You can think that a wider group will come under it, but I’m not going to predict that.”

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According to Tanner, interpretations are constantly revised depending on the situation. There is no time limit for any changes that may be made now.

The consular officer according to the Baltic countries’ border solutions, a misleading image has been conveyed to the public. “It would be good if the understanding spread that the border is not closed there either.”

Significant numbers of Russians still arrive in the Baltic countries by land, even though the rules have been tightened.

Tanner also states that so far there has been no rush at the Finnish border to worry about.

“Coming to Finland requires a valid visa, and it’s difficult to get them now. More people leave Russia for visa-free countries.”

In Russia, many people now acquire passports from other countries.

“There is now a huge demand for a passport from any country, if that’s possible.”

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