VTV | HS data: Dismissal of Yli-Viikari probable, live broadcast from the door of the Parliamentary Committee

The matter is finally decided by the plenary session of Parliament.

Tuesday decides whether the Director General of the State Audit Office (VTV) is Tytti Yli-Viikarin sufficient grounds for dismissal when the Parliamentary Chancellery Committee decides on the matter at its meeting. The meeting began at 8 a.m. HS shows a live broadcast of ISTV from Parliament.

The Chancellery Committee heard about Yli-Viikari on the subject already last week, but will not make the actual decision until its meeting starting at eight in the morning.

According to HS, the committee is very likely to end up proposing the dismissal of Yli-Viikari. The matter will be finally decided later by the plenary session of Parliament.

Iltalehti was the first to report on the topic on Monday.

Yli-Viikarin my view is that there is no legal reason for dismissal.

“I went through all the grounds presented and state that there are no legal grounds for dismissal,” Yli-Viikari said last Wednesday in connection with the hearing of the Chancellery Committee to the media.

According to Yli-Viikari, the identified issues presented in the report of the Audit Committee are not legally the responsibility of the CEO.

Provided If the Parliamentary Chancellery Committee decides at its meeting that there are sufficient grounds for dismissal, the matter shall be referred to the Parliamentary Plenary Session.

However, if the Chancellery Committee comes to a different conclusion and does not see sufficient grounds for dismissal, the matter will not be taken forward, according to Maija-Leena Paavola, Secretary General of Parliament.

In that case, the matter would not be voted on in the plenary session of Parliament.

The Parliamentary Committee is responsible for the administration of Parliament and is chaired by the President Anu Vehviläinen (middle).

Before the Chancellery Committee was dealt with by the Parliamentary Audit Committee. However, the committee did not comment on Yli-Viikari’s conditions for continuing in office in a report completed in mid-June.

“The committee’s view is that the ambiguities and abuses that have arisen are serious and we believe that the Chancellery Committee should give serious consideration to the conditions for the Director-General to continue in office,” Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto (green) commented at the time.

Even if on Tuesday it is considered that there are no grounds for dismissing Yli-Viikari, it does not mean that he will immediately return to his work. The reason for this is the decision of the Chancellery Committee in April to suspend Yli-Viikari from office for the duration of the criminal investigation by the Central Criminal Police.

“She is still in office, ie she will not return to office until the reason for her removal has disappeared,” Maija-Leena Paavola, Secretary General of Parliament, commented to HS.

The investigation by the Central Criminal Police concerns an agreement according to which a VTV official was paid for two years without the obligation to be at work and without any ambiguities related to Yli-Viikari’s Finnair Plus airports.

Iltalehti reported at the beginning of the year that Yli-Viikari had made a considerable number of missions by flying in recent years, but the agency does not know how the accumulated flight points have been used.



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