Volleyball Tuomas Sammelvuo returned to the public in Yle – responded to criticism of being in Russia: “Easy to say from home sofa”

Tuomas Sammelvuo finally explained why he only arrived in Finland now.

Volleyball coach Tuomas Sammelvuo returned to the public after a long period of silence in Yle Puheen In the Sports Crazy program.

Sammelvuo has been staying with their spouse in Kuopio for the last couple of weeks Alinan with. Prior to that, he lived in Russia in the spring, although the country was at war with Ukraine at the same time. This caused a lot of criticism in Finland.

Sammelvuo will no longer continue as coach of the Russian national team and St. Petersburg’s Zenit next season. According to HS, he is heading to Poland next season, where he will be working as Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle’s head coach.

Many wondered why Sammelvuo remained completely silent in the media for the past three months while Russia fought in Ukraine. In Yle’s program, he said the reason was in paper and licensing matters.

Spouse of Sammelvu Alina is Ukrainian. He also has a relative on the Ukrainian side.

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“Visas were handled on both sides. There is much more paperwork there than in Finland. The fact that a spouse can travel in Europe normally requires all possible translations and stamps. You have to wait for them for a while. Flights and train do not run. We got to the car now, but we also have to have different papers for it, ”Sammelvuo said in Yle.

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Sammelvuon according to him, everything he said could have been used for negative news in recent months. So he decided to keep quiet.

“Like our brilliant president Sauli Niinistö has said: When things change quickly, the head is kept cold. That’s what I tried to do. Now the permits are in order and we can talk. ”

Sammelvuo negotiated a follow-up agreement with the Russian national team until the 2024 Paris Olympics, but no agreement was ever reached. The Russian Volleyball Association understood that the Finnish coach would be in a bad light and under great pressure in his home country if he continued on the team.

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However, the Russian national team is not aware of any games either, so in that sense, the coaching staff would not have made sense either.

Sammelvuo emphasized in the interview that he understands the criticism he has received from people. As a coach for the Russian national team, he was an easy target for breaking the anger.

However, leaving home on a fast schedule is never easy.

“It’s pretty easy to tell from the home couch what people should do with their lives. Things aren’t always that simple. It has family, a livelihood and everything at stake,” Sammelvuo defended Yle.

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