Volleyball The lead in the two sets did not hold, the volleyballists lost to Sweden from the European Championships opening

Finland had a dream start in the opening match of the women’s volleyball European Championships, but at the time of the decision, Sweden was stronger under the leadership of its star player Isabelle Haak.

19.8. 19:08 | Updated 19.8. 20:05

One rose above the others when Finland and Sweden contributed to the opening of the women’s volleyball European Championships in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Swedish star chipper Isabelle Haak hit 42 points on the field when Sweden defeated Finland 3–2 (24–26, 17–25, 25–19, 27–25, 15–13).

Head coach of Finland Tapio Kangasniemi already named Haak among the best chippers in the world before the tournament. Finland kept Haak’s two innings under control and won the first two of the match’s batches, but then the dreaded opponent was unstoppable. The rest of the Swedish team scored only 38 points against Finland.

“Heck,” Haakki got into the game at the very last second. Sweden needed just such a game from him to win, ”Kangasniemi estimates in a volleyball association press release.

“At first, they had a little excitement with the reception as well as the passar. At that point, we were very awake as a team and because those first two rounds came home, ”Kangasniemi analyzes.

In the third In the installment, Sweden was finally able to meet Finland’s strong feed game, which had led to two installment wins. The third round clearly went to Sweden 25–19, but in the fourth Finland would have had the opportunity to cancel the match. However, the match was not sealed in the 24-23 situation and Sweden rose to the levels. Of the Swedish wilderness balls, Finland cleared the first, but not the second.

In the fifth installment, Sweden rushed into the 9–3 lead. Finland still reached the end of the point, but bent 15–13.

“Then in the end it ended up with the ball here and another here, so the result would have been the other way around. That’s what it’s like when two equal teams play, Kangasniemi thought.

Of the Finns, the most points were scored Anna Czakan (20 points), Piia Korhonen (19) and Emmi Riikilä (14).

The Finnish European Championship contract will continue immediately on Friday against the group’s pre-favorite Netherlands. On Saturday, Finland will face Ukraine.



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