Volleyball The course of Tuomas Sammelvuo’s team turned when Kalinka bounced off the kayaks – the thriller ended bitterly: “This is a great achievement”

France won the Russian Olympic Committee team in the men’s volleyball final after five rounds of battle.


From the stinging the loss is less than an hour and a half, but it is not Tuomas Sammelvuosta little appears. The head coach of the Russian Olympic Committee team throws several smiles during the five-minute interview.

On top of that, one would not believe that the Sammelvuo group has just bowed to France in the volleyball Olympic final.

“Although the result is difficult to swallow, there is no need to jump off any bridge here,” Sammelvuo told three Finnish journalists.

“This is a great achievement, you can’t get anywhere.”

Double cloth is a very exciting final that lasted two hours and 15 minutes, which got a harsh end for Sammelvuo. France won the thriller-like and twisted Olympic finals 3–2 (25–23, 25–17, 21–25, 21–25, 15–12).

“Yes, that eats a man. The game was sometimes far from our hands, but we got up great and took the game in the final installment. ”

Then the same thing happened to the Russian Olympic team as it did already in the opening round: the comfortable feel slipped out of hand.

The moments of resolving the items left something to be said. Sammelvuo’s team lost the opening round, even though it was already led by 22-18. If it hadn’t lost that batch, maybe the whole match would have become different.

“There was a bit of a rush, and we forgot that we’re a pretty simple outfit, and we shouldn’t have thought of anything other than throwing the ball to the wings. Emotions took a little power, ”Sammelvuo said.

No silver was threaded around the neck of the moss flush, as the coaches do not receive medals in the Olympic team sports.

The Russians were already on the bridge during the match. France seemed to be marching for gold straight in three installments, but then Ariake Arena’s kayaks slammed into the third installment in overtime at Kalinka.

Russia roared after that as if reborn. The team found the will to fight, the attacking powers, their fighting games and even the feeds started to bite better.

Until then, Russia was badly second in the feed game.

“France has the best recipients in the world. It was exactly what our feed was like, so they lifted it close to the net and we couldn’t catch their attack game at all, ”Sammelvuo said.

When the Russians led 6–3 in the fifth set, and even the substitutes rushed almost to the side of the field excited to ventilate, everything looked great for the Sammelvuo team.

Finn however, stood next to the playing area with a stone face. He knew the battle was anything but over.

The moss flow did not rage, heat up, or ventilate emphatically at any point, but looked at his notes intently. No wise stones were found in them to reverse the match.

France rose past and caused a huge disappointment for Russia, which went to the finals as a favorite.

The unique Finnish sports story did not receive a golden climax.

France won the European Championship six years ago, but at the Olympic and World Championships level was only the second medal for it.

France rolled especially at the beginning of the all-around player Earvin N’Gapethin under. He did almost what he wanted. N’Gapeth has played for several seasons in Russia and certainly knew his opponents well.

“He’s a big game man,” Sammelvuo praised.

France defeated Russia already in the first block, but at that time the Russian Olympic Committee group no longer had much to contribute. When it repeated its trick on Saturday, the championship can be said to have gone to the ground thanks.

Next, Sammelvuo has the European Championships ahead, in the first round it will play in Tampere.

“I haven’t thought about it in any way yet. Everything was invested in this. Now I take a week off, and then let’s see which of this team will continue to the European Championships. ”



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