Volleyball Russian superstars unreservedly glow on their Finnish pilots – this issue opened all doors to Tuomas Sammelvuo: “He is almost Russian”

According to Russian players, Tuomas Sammelvuo is a relaxed head coach, who is greatly respected for his language skills.


Question greatly amused the star player of the Russian volleyball team Maksim Mihailovia, 33, when Russia had beaten Argentina 3-1 in their opening game on Saturday after losing the opening round 21-25.

“Yes, Thomas was angry with us after the opening round. “

Head coach Tuomas Sammelvuo began his Olympic career with a victory. The pressure is strong, as Russia has not achieved a medal at the World Cup or Olympic level since the 2012 London Olympic victory.

Mikhailov was part of the team as early as 2008 and was in 2012 winning gold at Earl’s Court in an unforgettable Olympic final against Brazil.

“Tuomas is a tactically very advanced coach. He is not harsh, but rather relaxed. It is very important that he speaks such a good Russia, ”Mikhailov said.

Russian star player Maksim Mikhailov is an impressive revelation at the venue.

The IS interview was followed by a spokesman for the Russian Olympic Committee Ilya Zubko, who told anecdote about Sammelvuo ‘s election as head coach in 2019.

Russian the male volleyball players had previously been coached by two foreigners, and the experiences were not exclusively encouraging.

‘To the President of the Union (Stanislav Shevchenko) said that a foreign head coach may not work with Russian athletes. ”

Shevchenko referred to the suspicions in the glove:

“He said that Thomas is not such a foreign coach as the others, he is almost Russian,” Zubko laughed.

The spokesman said that Sammelvuo had already refused to speak English at the men’s first meeting and that very soon the use of Cyrillic letters in text messaging was also changed.

“In Russia, it is especially important that the coach speaks Russian. It is, of course, important in every way, but above all because such a small proportion of Russians speak other languages. Tuomas has understood this better than most others, ”Zubko said, referring to the foreign coaches of KHL, for example, in the hockey league.

Ilya Zubko, spokesman for the Russian Olympic Committee, appreciates Tuomas Sammelvuo’s language skills.

Ani few, for example, of the large number of Finnish KHL coaches have returned to their homeland, often fired, even with Russian basics in their gloves.

Also Mikhailov player colleague Yegor Kljuka, 26, praised Sammelvuoto as a relaxed coach. The assessment somewhat amused the world citizen from Pudasjärvi.

“Yegor is one of the players I deal with quite a bit outside of training and playing as well. The team’s WhatsApp group cultivates a lot of humor in general. Respect is earned by deeds, ”says Sammelvuo.

Sammelvuo admitted that he does not believe in strict discipline in his coaching.

“The fact that the boys call me relaxed is perhaps a testament to the traditional Russian way they have been coached in the past.”

Their language skills Sammelvuo does not underestimate his share of his success and prestigious washing. The man also learned some Italian, French, Polish and Japanese in his previous washing countries.

“In Russia, in a very exceptional way, language is a tool for getting into culture and society. Russia is also a great power with the self-esteem of a great power. The newcomer shows respect by learning the language. And I do not underestimate the importance of language skills in this profession, on the contrary. ”

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