Volleyball A wave revolved around Hakamets when the volleyball men took their second European Championship victory:

Tommi Siirilä’s eight-point opening round set the Finnish rush to a 3–0 victory over Spain.


Sight The Hakametsä Ice Rink for a moment brought a sense of better times coming back after the corona pandemic. Visible to the eye and audible to the ears was the feeling that has been lacking when the sport has been divided into empty auditoriums.

In the Hakametsä auditorium, the wave first circled and then the rhythm of the applause attracted the players of the Finnish volleyball team. The players on the pitch gave the visitors a go-ahead goal after 30 minutes, but the shot went right into the keeper’s arms Sakari Mäkinen entered.

That time, Spain still survived, but a few minutes later Tommi Siirilä got to hit a crucial point on the Spanish field. Finland managed to celebrate its second victory in the European Championships. Finland overthrew Spain 3–0 (25–19, 25–20, 25–18) and clung to the continuation spot.

Hakametsä attracts 7,300 spectators in hockey matches during normal times. The figure for the Spanish match was reported to be 3,750, which was a full spectator in the constrained conditions.

Finland succeeded against Spain on a broad front. Tommi Siirilä became the character of the match, especially in the opening round. Siirilän and passari Eemi Tar Gate the co-op worked and Siirilä also had time to take off his gloves.

Siirilä’s opening round points were eight, while Siirilä scored nine points in the entire four-round match against Northern Macedonia. The balance of the following installments raised Siirilä’s score in the game to 11.

“There was a good passport and well the balls died. The tactic was to leave the game a little more in the middle, ”Siirilä said.

Finland’s most effective scorer was a 15-point chipper Urpo Sivula. Multiplayer Sakari Mäkinen scored 13 points.

Praise from Siirila left for both the look of the team and the Hakametsä audience.

“It’s in the wrong place if this place doesn’t catch fire for this job. European Championships and full Hakametsä. What could be better? ”

Finland will live in strictly bubble conditions in the hotel during the tournament. The days are rhythmic with exercises and video conferences, for example, but this time you can’t look for things to do outside the bubble.

“Several hours a day just comes from being in a hotel room. But we have a player and Netflix as a passage of time, ”Siirilä says.

Home competitions are a unique opportunity for the athlete. This summer, however, audience restrictions have followed one another.

“The audience means a huge amount. The whole summer was afraid if it happened that there would be a unique opportunity and no audience should come. That would have been a real pity. Today was a great day, ”Siirilä said.

Due to the bubble, it is not possible to meet the audience in the fan areas this year. Even in Siili, there are family members and friends.

“But it’s a little bad to be able to play games safely. We don’t have a knock on it. ”

Two raises Finland’s position to a good position. Northern Macedonia have lost their first two games and for Spain the loss to Finland was already the third in the tournament. Of the six-team block, the two weakest will be left on the beach from the playoffs, so Spain and northern Macedonia already have their backs against the wall.

Finland’s games continue at a fast pace.

Siirilä said the pressure games are now out from underneath. On Sunday, Finland will be a clear underdog when opposed Tuomas Sammelvuon coached by the Russian team. Sammelvuo piloted his team to silver in the Olympics.

“You have to play boldly. Nothing can be achieved by making sure, ”Siirilä says.



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