Volcanic eruption A volcanic eruption is taking place in Iceland, the night sky in Reykjavik turned red

The eruption had been expected for a couple of weeks.

Icelandic a volcanic eruption is underway near the capital, Reykjavik. The eruption is on a mountain called Fagradalsfjall and authorities learned of it late Friday.

There are no settlements in the vicinity of the erupting mountain.

Reykjavik’s night sky turned red based on pictures in local newspapers.

A volcanic eruption colored the sky red.­

Due to the volcanic eruption, all air traffic to the country’s main airport, Keflavik, was suspended for a moment. Field pages it is said that the flight en route to Poland in the morning was able to depart almost on time.

The Icelandic authorities are investigating the scale of the situation, and the Coast Guard sent a helicopter to the scene to assess the situation. Authorities have urged people not to approach the discharge area and all roads to the area have been closed.

Coast Guard the video shot from the helicopter shows how the lava flows out of the crack. The Icelandic Meteorological Institute estimates that the crack is about 200 meters long. The department released a video filmed by the Coast Guard on its somek channels.

Mount Fagradalsfjall is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, and according to the Icelandic Meteorological Institute, the last volcanic eruption on the peninsula took place almost 800 years ago, in 1240.

Authorities warned a couple of weeks ago that a volcanic eruption was likely when an earthquake of 5.7 magnitude was observed in Iceland on 24 February on Mount Keilir near Reykjavik. An unusual number of smaller earthquakes, more than 50,000, have been observed since the first earthquake. This is the largest number since 1991, when earthquakes began to be measured digitally.

Since the earthquake, seismic activity has shifted several kilometers southwest of Mount Keilir, focusing on the area around Fagradalsfjall, where the eruption eventually began.

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