Visual arts Veteran actor Christopher Walken destroyed Banksy’s work as part of the filming of the TV series

Banksy is the world’s most famous street artist, whose work has been sold at fairly high prices in recent years.

Actor Christopher Walken painted the world’s most famous street artist Banksyn on top of the work as part The Outlaws series descriptions, tells the BBC.

The series is filmed in Banksy’s hometown of Bristol, and Banksy agreed to paint a series of sets on the wall. Walken covered the characteristic rat painting of Banksy with his own painting at the end of the season.

“We can confirm that The Outlaws The work featured at the end of the series is genuine Banksy, and that Christopher Walken painted over it during filming, eventually destroying it, ”said a spokesman for the series.

Christopher Walken

Stephen Merchantin in a series written and directed by Walken, Frank plays one of the petty criminals sentenced to community service to renovate a building. In the final episode, Frank finds a picture of a rat and two spray jugs painted by Banksy behind a couple of boards, and asks his supervisor Diana (Jessica Gunning) should he paint over it.

However, the supervisor’s attention is elsewhere just then and he therefore does not understand that this is a Banksy painting. Diane states that all the graffiti has to be covered, and that’s what Frank does then – thus destroying a valuable work.

Banksyn works have been sold at fairly high prices in recent years. In October 2020, his Many-of him Show Me the Monet was sold for EUR 9.4 million.

In March, his Game Changer was sold to Christie’s in London for € 19.4 million. The initial price estimate was exceeded four times. In the painting, a young child plays with a nursing doll with a swinging cloak on her back. The superhero dolls Batman and Spider are lying in the toy booth.

Proceeds from the sale of works were donated to a number of health and charitable organizations in the UK. Game Changer became the most expensive auctioned work by Banksy, who kept his identity secret.

Banksy has also spoiled the art market. In 2018 the work Girl With Balloon shredded spontaneously after selling for 1.2 million euros.

One of Banksy’s rat-themed murals was on sale at an art auction in Los Angeles in the spring of 2014.

Paintings can also raise the price of buildings that serve as painting platforms: in August the sale price of the house was added in Suffolk £ 200,000 after Banksy had confirmed the work that appeared on the wall was made by him.

The artist’s works were on display in Finland last summer in an exhibition at the Gösta Museum in Mänttä. However, Banksy himself had nothing to do with being hugely popular Banksy. A Visual Protest with the exhibition. The same is true of all the other exhibitions bearing his name.

The Outlaws series will be on view at Amazon Prime next year.

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