Visual arts The Finnish online work was sold for the first time to the Pompidou Centre’s collection – The color work can even be tried on a mobile phone

The prestigious Finnish work Web-Safe is on display in the exhibition presenting the pioneers of online art at the Pompidou Center, where you can visit with your own computer.

Gray, bluish, greenish, greener and so on.

Helsinki-based visual artist Juha van Ingenin in the book, the browser changes the huge colors of the entire screen about every second. A total of 214 colors rotated on the screen for seven minutes.

Work Web-Safe has been acquired for the collections of the French Museum of Modern Art at the Pompidou Center in Paris in June.

The website was completed at the turn of the millennium in 1999–2000, and has previously been acquired for Kiasma’s collections.

The work is the first Finnish online artwork acquired for the Pompidou Center and probably also the first Finnish online artwork acquired for a significant, international collection.

Curator Philippe Bettinelli invites Web Safea radical and reflective. The work can be viewed by van Ingen website.

About the book its form and method of suspension were defined in the contract.

“I sent the files to them. Then it’s theirs, ”van Ingen says on the phone.

Juha van Ingen does not tell the exact selling price, but it is not a “significant” amount. At least still, online art is affordable compared to other art.

“It’s valuable to me here that it’s accepted into pretty good company. It is hoped that it will be a beacon for other museums to pay attention to this culture. ”

The work will be on display at an online digital art exhibition in Paris until November. At the Pompidou Center you can see the works of other pioneers.

The name of the exhibition at the Pompidou Center Sans objet means irrelevant or useless. The exhibition features nine works that have early taken the Internet as a platform for art.

For example, the Greek Miltos Manetasin in the book, every machine user can make their paint splashes famous Jackson Pollockia respectful digital painting. The work, inspired by color, is published at 2003

In Web-Safe, the browser generates colors.

Work arose in response to the debate over internet censorship and copyright. Juha van Ingen had already made his first Finnish online works years earlier.

Web-Safe the code generates colors for each in its own browser. The colors are network safe, i.e., colors that were defined to be reproducible well on all machines.

Previously van Ingen has been organizing teletext art, among other things festival and done gif work As Long As Possible, which takes a thousand years to look at numbered black boxes.

The gif work has also been acquired for the collections of the National Gallery. Kiasma is committed to keeping the parent version of the work connected to the mains for as long as possible, possibly until 3017.

Web-Safe was on display in the Ars17 + ensemble, which was the online dimension of Kiasma’s Ars17 exhibition.

Critic of HS Timo Valjakka called in their assessment Juha van Ingen as a tougher factor than even minimalists.

Visual artist Juha van Ingen.

The team urged to test the work on a mobile device.

“You can follow the change of colors even on the subway, if you can concentrate. The extreme scarcity of the work makes almost anything external seem more interesting. ”

Juha van Ingen has received Web Safesta feedback that the work can experience colors intensely, especially in a dark space. The artist watches it himself in between.

“It looks pretty much the same. If you have a quiet place and you can put a magnifying glass to rotate, it is aesthetically interesting and soothing. ”

“You don’t have to know the background of the work, you can just enjoy the color flow.”



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