Visual arts Schjerfbeck’s buyer of valuable works introduces himself – EUR 1.7 million Blue-ribbed girl will be displayed for free in Töölö immediately in August

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Jaana Cawén is the agent and museum director of the Lauri and Lasse Reitz Foundation. During his tenure, the collection of the Workers’ Museum has expanded greatly.

The Lasse and Lauri Reitz Foundation has fifteen works by Helene Schjerfbeck after the purchase of the record-breaking Blue Ribbon Girl. The foundation’s home museum is located on Apollonkatu in Helsinki.

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Vesa Sirén HS

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Here so it will come! The door opens in Helsinki’s Etu-Töölö, on the sixth floor of the B-staircase at Apollonkatu 23, where Lauri and Lasse Reitzin the museum director of the foundation and the agent of the foundation Jaana Cawén talks about the latest art acquisition for the first time in public.

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