Visual arts Banksy’s partially shredded board was auctioned for a record € 22 million

It was the same painting that was sold at the auction house in Sotheby a few years ago for a million euros.

Expectations in terms of price were high when the British artist Banksyn a partially shredded painting was put up for auction in London on Thursday.

Prior to the auction, it was speculated that Banksy’s work Love is in the Bin the price could rise to as much as € 5-8 million.

At issue is originally a work by Banksy called Girl with Balloon. The painting was sold at an auction held at the Sotheby Auction Chamber in London in 2018.

At the time, bystanders gasped for breath as the auctioneer’s hammer hit the table. £ 1.1 million, or about € 1.3 million, had just been called from the board. At the moment the painting was sold, the shredder hidden in the frames of the painting was turned on and the painting went halfway through the shredder.

“Some believe it wasn’t really shredded. It was shredded. Some think the auction house was involved, but it wasn’t, ”the street artist said in his Instagram account in October 2018.

Banksy’s identity is a closely guarded secret.

Thursday that old painting was on sale again and under a new name, Love is in the Bin.

The price of the work started to rise sharply at auction, and the final price was set at £ 18.6 million, or about € 22 million. It’s the highest price ever paid for Banksy’s works, news agencies say.

The half-shredding of the work made Banksy’s art even more desirable, the auction house was speculated about.

“When Girl with a Balloon destroyed itself in our showroom, Banksy became a global sensation that has since become a cultural phenomenon, ”Sotheby, Director of the Auction House Alex Branczik told Reuters ahead of Thursday’s auction.

According to Branczik, the old work was not destroyed by shredding, but a new one was created from it.


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