Viruses Bird flu was found in pheasants planted in the wild in Janakkala

It is an H5N8 bird flu that has spread elsewhere in Europe. Avian influenza is poorly transmitted to humans.

In Finland H5N8 avian influenza has also been reported elsewhere in Europe, according to the Finnish Food Safety Authority. Bird flu was found in pheasants planted in the wild, near the pheasant farm in Janakkala, Kanta-Häme.

Cases of avian influenza were confirmed from five pheasants delivered to the Food Agency’s laboratory. The pheasant farm has been issued an administrative decision aimed at preventing the spread of the disease, the Finnish Food Administration says.

H5N8 type Avian influenza has been found since the end of last year in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, France and Sweden in both wild birds and poultry farms.

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Avian influenza causes high mortality in birds. In general, all avian influenza viruses are poorly transmitted to humans. H5N8 avian influenza is not known to be transmitted to humans.

The case of Janakkala observed in Finland was reported earlier, among other things MTV and Evening paper.


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