Violence VR’s safety manager: “I would not profile the station area as particularly dangerous”

The two of you the clash of the group turned into a mass fight in Helsinki at the main train station on Monday night. The incident, which began at about half past nine, resulted in the death of one person when a 24-year-old was stabbed.

The victim died of his injuries soon after police arrived on the scene.

Helsinki police are investigating the case as a murder. According to police, the suspects in the homicide are minors.

The incident raises the question of how safe a place is Helsinki Central Station?

Position Managing Director of Safety at VR Toni Pelinin there is no cause for concern.

“Yes, we see that it is still quite a safe area in all. I would not profile the station as particularly dangerous. ”

According to Pelin, the railway station has continuous, 24-hour security on site, which can also be used to prevent evolving situations. In addition, the station has extensive camera surveillance.

“It is a well-supervised area, certainly one of the best in Helsinki,” Pelin says.

From a supervisory perspective, youth clashes or violent behavior have not increased at the station. Instead, the corona pandemic has, according to Pelin, been reflected in an increased population.

“A lot of facilities have been closed because of the corona, like youth farms. That’s when the young people come to the station. ”

HS toured the center of Helsinki to interview young people in November last year. At that time, some of the young people said that they felt insecure in the evenings in the center of Helsinki.

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Many of the young people said that, for example, at a train station, selling and buying drugs is very common.

According to Pelin, all cases that arise at the railway station are always reviewed and it is considered whether there is a need for additional measures.

Pelin considers it important to cooperate with, for example, youth work.

“Of course, we are happy to be involved with, for example, exploratory youth work. We can certainly work together even more ”.

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