Video: soccer player ‘undresses’ a rival in the middle of the game to win the ball


Video: soccer player 'undresses' a rival to win the ball in the middle of the game

Screenshot Indosiar

Marc Klok, from Indonesia, forgot about the ball and ‘played it’ for Al-Taamari’s shirt.

A true image taken out of context was seen this weekend in the Asian Cup qualifiers.

In the match between Indonesia and Jordan, on date 2 of group A, the player Marc Klok stole all the prominence due to an unusual play in the 26th minute.

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Roughly, Klok, who plays for Bandung, in the Indonesian First Division, ‘undressed’ one of his rivals.

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‘With the ball, but without a shirt’

Video: soccer player 'undresses' a rival to win the ball in the middle of the match

The moment of the ‘jalonazo’.


Screenshots Indosiar

In the middle of the dispute over a ball with Jordan’s ’10’, Klok pulled, with all his strength, the jersey of Musa Al-Tamaari, who plays for Belgium’s OH Leuve and represents Jordan.

In fact, despite the fact that at a certain moment Klok was already on the ground, as a result of the shoulder-to-shoulder collision, the indonecio continued holding the rival’s shirt until it broke.

The worst thing is that the Jordanian managed to pass the ball before the unheard-of moment.The image of Al-Tamaari, with ‘what little’ was left of his shirt, is going around the world.

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