Video: shocking accident sowed panic at the Tocancipá Autodrome


Colombian GP accident

Moments of the accident at the Colombian GP.


TikTok Screenshots – Original Capital Channel Broadcast

Moments of the accident at the Colombian GP.

The motorcyclist went flying and his head hit the ground. He had to be removed by ambulance.

This weekend, the Tocancipá Autodrome, in Cundinamarca, It was the epicenter of the beginning of the Colombian GP, ​​the largest speed motorcycle competition in the country.

The first Grand Prix of this year’s championship took place on the racing circuit where most of the national pilots have excelled: the GP Vitrix.

In the midst of the great accompaniment of the people, a day of practices and classification took place on Saturday. Sunday was the turn for the main races. And although the emotion that reigned was joy, it was also there was panic and anguish, when one of the pilots had a problem with his rear tire and was the main actor in the most serious accident of the day.

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Shocking accident at the Colombian GP

The Tocancipá racetrack is one of the scenarios in the country. Paisa runners and fans attend there.


Jaiver Nieto / EL TIEMPO

As could be seen in the official broadcast, and in the videos replicated on social networks, this Sunday one of the participating motorcyclists had a problem with his rear tire when taking one of the curves on the track.

Because of the incident, at the high speed he was going, the pilot practically flew off.

The most serious thing is that, as seen in the images, his head hit the floor. In fact, his helmet fragmented.

In the midst of the panic of the fans, an ambulance removed the athlete.

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According to what has been learned, after the first tests, the young pilot is out of danger and has mobility in his extremities.

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