Video: children are saved from being hit by a train in Canada


they save a child from being run over

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A camera recorded the escape of the infants. The train had to stop in an emergency meters later.

Child’s play almost ends in tragedy in TorontoCanada when three children were playing on the train tracks they were saved from being run over by it.

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The shocking images, recorded by a security camera, show the moment when three children, one of them away from the railway while the others played on the rail, they notice the presence of the train and put all their efforts to escape its trajectory.

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The train not only honked its horn, but had to brake emergency meters ahead, according to Metronix, a Canadian public transport company.

“Incidents like this are often tragic and life-altering, not only for loved ones, but also for the crew and first responders involved. In the end, the young people fled while the crew began the recovery to put the train in motion again,” said the company, which shared the video on its social networks in order to raise awareness among citizens.


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