Video: brutal accident in the Indianapolis 500 series


indy 500

indy 500

indy 500

Lifeguards arrived quickly.

The Indianapolis 500 It is an important race for world motorsport, but in the training series there was an absurd accident.

The shocking accident had the pilots as protagonists Katherine Legge and Stefan Wilson, who crashed in one of the curves.
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Strong hit

The blow caused panic on the track. The British escaped unharmed, but Wilson was rescued and taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

The other cars slowed down and as a result of the maneuver the British collided Wilson from behind.

The blow forced the cars involved in the accident to spin and collide against the wall.

Julia Vaizer, the event’s medical director, spoke with NBC Peacock and noted that Wilson was lucid and in good spirits as he was taken away in the ambulance.

“He is okay. Imaging studies and additional evaluation will be performed to rule out injuries,” said the doctor.
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