Video | Baby birds suddenly started raining from the sky – Matilda Helminen caught everything on video

18 years old Matilda Helminen was sitting on the swing in his backyard in Pori’s Viasvedi with his mother, when a little distance away, movement began to be seen.

“We wondered what was going on in the country. At first we thought it was a mole.”

Baby birds fell from the sky.

After the birdsong ended, the chicks followed the family to the front door. Inside, the family stayed through the window to watch the chicks run. Matilda Helminen’s father identified the bird species as a telek.

Finally, the mother arrived to collect her chicks.

Ari Rantamäki The ornithological association of Pori says that chicks already jump out of their nests when they are a few days old. The chicks’ down softens the descent and slows down the air flow.

After this, the mother leads them to a nearby body of water to look for food. The tern is a water bird, and chicks that are only a day old can walk up to ten kilometers after their mother.

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Telkkä is a perching bird whose nest may be up to ten meters high. Usually the telekkäma comes to get her chicks from the nest and entices them to jump down.

“In this situation, the chicks have left the nest on their own and the mother has not had time or dared to come close,” says Ari Rantamäki.

According to Rantamäki, the chicks can follow the first nearby mother candidates if their own mother is not there.

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