Video: Adrián Ramos exploded against the police, a giant scandal



America from Cali

Adrián Ramos and América, controversial fight with the police.

Adrián Ramos and América, controversial fight with the police.

It happened after the match against Junior in Barranquilla.

junior athletic he went from humiliation to euphoria in 45 minutes. From losing 0-3 at home against America and from suffering against a team that clearly dominated it, they went on to a dominant second half, in which they turned the score around in a game with four penalties and many errors.

Then, on the outskirts of the Metropolitano stadium, some events took place in which members of the police of Barranquilla They ended up facing several soccer players from the Valle del Cauca club.
(Video: scandal, America players fight with the Barranquilla police)

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‘We are defenseless’

With no official version of what happened on Wednesday night, it was said that there was an attempt to steal a mobile device from one of the América players.

There the players complained about the lack of police assistance, and one of the members would have taken out his bolillo, a gesture that was taken as a provocation.

Adrian Ramos,
On his social networks, he uploaded a video showing what happened in those moments.

“We are not criminals, we are footballers”, words of Ramos that can be heard.

And he added: “Because the country is as it is. They do reach us, who are defenseless, but not those who have to.”
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