Veterans Lotta Salme Haltia, Finland’s oldest, has died

Haltia was 109 years old at the time of his death, the War Veterans Association says.

Finland elder Lotta, Salme Haltia, has died at the age of 109, the War Veterans Association says on Twitter.

“The energetic girl Salme had been working at a local sawmill since she was little and in her twenties. At the same time, he joined the lottery and trained for the duties of a medical lottery. And well, because in the # Winter War that broke out a few years later, those skills were sorely needed, ”the union writes on Twitter.

Haltia served in the Winter War on the Kuhmo front and on the Karelian isthmus in connection with the 9th Field Hospital. During the Continuation War, he received an invitation to perform a medical lottery on the Karelian isthmus.



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