Veikkausliiga Hongan Niklas Pyyhtiä, 17, moves to Serie A: “Financially, the move is very significant on the scale of Veikkausliiga and Honga”

Pyyhtää’s new club is Bologna FC.

In the Veikkausliiga playing Honga midfielder Niklas Wipe moves to Serie A. Draft says on its websitethat 17-year-old Pyyhtiä’s new club is Bologna FC.

Pyyhti came to Espoo for this season from the Turku Ball Club, initially with a loan agreement. Honka bought Pyyhti before the start of the Veikkausliiga.

Pyyhtiä have played in this match in Honka 17 matches this season and have been opened 12 times. He plays for the under-21 national team.

“Surely if we thought only and only of the momentum of the sport in this moment here and now, the transfer would have been better to implement after the season or even next summer, but it is a complex entity. Even sportingly, this is an excellent thing for us. At Honka, players develop and get to continue their careers in bigger series, ”says Honga’s manager Hexi Arteva.

Artevan according to Honga, he had several bids for Pyyhti in the final stages. According to him, Bologna showed that he wanted Pyyhtiä in his ranks.

“The path, role and steps are quite clear and they put an Icelandic young player from the same venue on loan for the season now starting in Denmark. That, too, showed that they are serious. ”

Arteva says that the transfer is economically very significant on the scale of Veikkausliiga and Honka, even seven figures, if everything goes as planned.

“Fixed money accounts for more than half of the total potential pot, and in addition to what is now defined, we will still get a really good percentage of Niklas’ next move.”

Honka is currently seventh in the Veikkausliiga and is fighting for the last place in the upper finals.



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