Value competitions Belarus already lost its second World Cup this week as the modern pentathlon followed the example of hockey

The umbrella organization UIPM feared instability in Belarus would jeopardize the Games.

Autonomous presidential Alexander Lukashenko ruled Belarus on Friday lost its second sporting championship in a week.

Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) said exported the Games from Belarus due to the instability in the country.

The decision news sports site Inside the Games.

The UIPM Steering Committee is chaired by the organization Klaus Schormannin closely followed developments in Belarus in recent months.

“After a detailed discussion, the management team voted to postpone the Games to a future date because the management team has a growing concern that instability in the host country could jeopardize the success of the organization’s flagship competition,” Schormann said.

“Our particular concern was that many countries do not want to travel to Belarus at the moment.”

In Minsk was scheduled to compete in June not only in modern pentathlon but also in running shooting. Running shooting is not only a decision-making sport in modern pentathlon, but also its own sport.

Belarus lost its right to host the World Hockey Championships on Monday.

There has been widespread opposition in the country since the fraudulent presidential election in August. At the same time, the Lukashenko regime has violated human rights and oppressed its citizens.


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