Valuable properties In Eastern Helsinki, several value villas are empty, so the entrepreneurial couple decided to bring one of them to life: “The opportunity came”

On the beach of Villa Wuorio in Laajasalo, you can now, among other things, take a sauna on open shifts.

Helsinki The 120-year-old log villa in Laajasalo, owned by the city, has been given new life after standing empty for at least five years.

Villa Wuorio, located in Hevossalmi, was leased from the beginning of June with a tender won by a business couple Kati Stenman and Samu Härkönen.

Stenman says he was a little surprised that the auction didn’t end up with a “handsome race bid,” but after the couple’s bid, there were no more bids.

To make the initial spark offer, Stenman, a broad-skier, found out that there are many dilapidated or vacant villas in the area.

“It’s the kind of common grief of the locals. But now the opportunity came, and we were able to bring one villa to life, ”he says.

And the life of the villa has really come to life.

Samu Härkönen and Kati Stenman now run Villa Wuorio’s villa.

The sea is close to Villa Wuorio.

The villa can be used to rent space for private events.

Villa Wuorio was long leased to the city’s youth center and has also been used for representation. The villa, completed in 1901 in recent years, has stood empty.

Now the villa can be rented for private events. The first wedding party was held there over the weekend. There will also be workplace recreation days, birthdays, bachelor parties and baptismal celebrations.

In addition to private events, the beach sauna can be enjoyed with open sauna shifts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So far, you can only swim from the beach, but the pier is planned to be acquired this summer.

“There have been praised steams in the sauna, because there is a wood-burning stove,” Stenman says.

The beach guest house has been converted for summer café and terrace use. For the time being, the café operates on a pop-up basis, but the intention is to make it available for everyday use soon. Various events such as a flea market have also been organized in the area.

Helsinki according to the city museum, the 300-square-meter Villa Wuorio was completed by a decorative painter and industrial consultant Salomo Wuorion as a family summer residence in 1901.

The log main building represents a national romantic style trend and was designed by Herman Gesellius, Dear Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen. There is also a previously completed 90-square-meter guest house Bergvik in the area.

In 1964, the City of Helsinki bought the buildings for FIM 20,000. The villa and guest house were renovated in the early 1990s. They have been used mainly in summer.

According to Stenman, the main building is in “surprisingly good” condition from the inside but badly dilapidated from the outside. The city is set to paint the building at some point.

According to Kati Stenman, the residents of the nearby area have seemed satisfied that the villa is in use again.

The log main building represents the national romantic style.

For entrepreneurs there is no previous experience in old buildings or the event area, for example, so the conquest is fairly new to both. However, the reception has been really warm, Stenman says.

There were several dozen people at the yard work at the beginning of the summer to help. At Midsummer, the sauna party and barbecue party had another hundred people, which came as a surprise to the entrepreneurs.

“It was thought that maybe a few dozen people would come, and so the yard circle was quite full. It was fun to notice, because you can’t get lost by chance here, ”says Stenman.

According to him, the intention is that as many Helsinki residents as possible would be able to enjoy the villa, which is in a great location on the headland in front of Helsinki. While there is plenty to do in running the business, the work is also rewarding.

Maija Tuhkanen from Laajasalo lived with her friend Anne on the terrace in Hevossalmi.

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