Vaccines Vaccine manufacturer Pfizer raises earnings forecast significantly, permanent income stream is planned for coronary vaccine

Pfizer now estimates that the vaccines will boost the company’s earnings by $ 26 billion this year.

American pharmaceutical company Pfizer significantly raised its earnings and profit forecast. The company predicts much higher sales for the coroner vaccine developed by Pfizer in collaboration with Biontech.

Pfizer now estimates that the vaccines will increase the company’s earnings by $ 26 billion this year, or about $ 21.5 billion. Earlier, the company estimated the rise at $ 15 billion.

The company estimates that the profit from one serving this year will be $ 3.55 to $ 3.65, or about three euros. The estimated single-dose gain rose 45 cents from the previous one.

Pharmaceutical manufacturer plans are to make vaccines a “sustainable income stream”. Pfizer is working to expand the distribution of vaccines and increase the production of booster doses. Pzifer estimates that the demand for the coronary vaccine will be similar to the flu vaccine in the future.

By Monday, Pfizer and Biontech had shipped about 430 million doses of coronary vaccine to the world. A total of vaccines have been sent to 91 countries around the world.

In the first quarter, Pfizer’s profit was $ 4.8 billion, up 45 percent from the same period last year. Pfizer’s sales were also certain in non-vaccine products.

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