Vaccines The launch of mass vaccinations threatens to be postponed in Finland due to problems with the pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca, says THL’s leading expert

Initially, large quantities of vaccines were expected in Finland from mid-February. According to preliminary data, the first shipment will be less than one hundred thousand vaccines.

Mass vaccinations The large-scale start threatens to be postponed in Finland, as the British pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca warned on Friday that it will not be able to supply corona vaccines to Europe as much as initially calculated.

The authority involved in the negotiations told the news agency Reuters that the company will have to cut vaccine deliveries by about 60 percent during the first quarter of the year.

This means that by the end of March, Astra Zeneca will deliver around 31 million doses of vaccine to Europe, instead of the previously planned 80 million doses.

“After all, this is a big disappointment if there are far fewer vaccines than originally promised,” says a leading expert from the National Institute for Health and Welfare. Mia Kontio To HS.

THL has instructed municipalities to be fully prepared to vaccinate large numbers from the week beginning February 8th. Now this goal will probably have to be compromised.

“Yes, it is slowing down the pace of vaccination, when it was hoped that we would have received hundreds of thousands of vaccines right from mid-February. It would have given a really good start to vaccinating the elderly, ”says Kontio.

“Hopefully by March the situation will improve. We had reason to assume that the momentum would have been reached as early as mid-February. ”

Kontion According to Astra Zeneca, it has not yet announced exactly at what pace it will be able to send vaccines to Finland. Initially, the company has promised hundreds of thousands of vaccines a week in Finland.

“We are hoping to get tens of thousands of vaccines a week. Preliminary information is that the first shipment will be less than 100,000 vaccines, ”says Kontio.

According to him, deliveries are likely to arrive in Finland every two weeks. THL hopes that the second consignment will go up to 100,000 vaccines.

“We are of the opinion that the first broadcast will be in mid-February.”


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