Vaccines Novavax corona vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency and the Commission may be given to patients over 18 years of age

Nuvaxovid becomes the fifth vaccine against coronavirus in use in the EU.

Pharmaceutical company Novavax’s new coronavirus vaccine has been authorized in Europe by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). A vaccine called Nuvaxovid can be given to people over 18 years of age, Ema said in a statement on Monday.

Nuvaxovid becomes the fifth vaccine against coronavirus in use in the EU. Other coronary vaccines include Pfizer and Biontech, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

“Nuvaxovid supports vaccination campaigns in EU member states during a critical phase of the pandemic,” Ema said in a statement.

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The European Commission announced just hours after Emma’s approval that the Commission would approve Novavax for use in the European Union.

“At a time when the omicron variant is spreading rapidly and we need to step up vaccinations and booster vaccinations, I am particularly pleased with the approval of Novavax,” Ursula von der Leyen said in a statement the news agency AFP said.

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Novavax told news agency Reuters on Monday that it will begin delivering the vaccine to the European Union in January.

Novavax applied for an EU coroner vaccine permit in November. The vaccine has been under accelerated evaluation since February. According to Eman’s assessment, the vaccine meets EU requirements for its effectiveness, safety and quality.

Based on the results of the study, Nuvaxovid provides approximately 90% protection against coronavirus disease. There is still limited information on the protection of the vaccine against omicron transformation. When the effectiveness of the vaccine was studied, the most common viral variants were the original form of the coronavirus and its alpha and beta variants.

Pharmaceutical company Moderna said on Monday that a booster dose of its coronary vaccine, the third dose of the vaccine, would appear to provide protection against the disease caused by the micron transformation. Preliminary results have shown better protection in the booster vaccine group than in the two vaccine vaccine recipients.

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However, the company plans to continue developing a new version of the vaccine that would specifically protect against micron transformation.

American The vaccine developed by Novavax is a more traditional vaccine than coronary vaccines based on mrna technology. In Nuvaxovid, two injections, the proteins carry parts of the virus and produce an immune response in the body.

The vaccine can be stored even in the warmest conditions, making it easier to transport and store, especially in southern developing countries.

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