Vaccinations In Kainuu, coroner vaccinators have had to face aggressive behavior: “Smell and other teasing have clearly become more common”

The guarding of coronary vaccination points will be increased in Kainuu, as the aggressive behavior faced by the staff has increased.

In Kainuu staff at corona vaccination points have encountered aggressive use and safety measures at vaccination points have had to be stepped up.

Saints in Kainuu reported on Monday that rapidly changing national vaccination guidelines and recommendations have confused citizens.

“However, vaccination personnel are the wrong address for inappropriate behavior. We have had to step up security measures as aggression towards staff has increased. The willingness to vaccinate is positive, but restraint must be maintained, ”says the pandemic manager Lea Käsmä-Ronkainen in the bulletin.

Kainuu War Communications Manager Terho Pekkala says tightened security measures mean more guarding at vaccination points and instructions for staff.

“Inappropriate behavior, such as sniffing and other teasing, has clearly become more common. Fortunately, no physical violence has been reported, ”says Pekkala in his e-mail reply to HS.

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Pekkalan it is estimated that the long-lasting epidemic and increased uncertainty have tightened the mood, as evidenced by vaccination points.

“Frustration is also caused by queuing at vaccination points, for example, as well as frequently updated recommendations and instructions that cannot be implemented immediately in all respects. However, these do not justify treating anyone improperly, and the health care personnel who do their work are not the right address to express resentment, ”says Pekkala.

Department of Health and Welfare (THL) recommended last weekthat the dose interval for the third coronary vaccine is shortened. It is recommended that people aged 60 years or older and at risk receive a third dose of the vaccine 3 to 4 months after the second vaccination.

For those under 60 years of age who are not at risk, a third dose of the vaccine may be given 4 to 6 months after the second dose.

For this reason, the acceleration of corona vaccinations in Kainuu has also been prepared as a matter of urgency, but according to the release, vaccinations will continue in accordance with previous instructions.

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The previous recommendation for THL was that the vaccination interval for the second and third doses be 5 to 6 months in all of the above groups.

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