Vaccinations Hus responds to criticism of slow vaccination pace: Only half of promised vaccines arrive, stocks dwindle by next week

The Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District responds to criticism that delivery uncertainty and changed guidelines make vaccine distribution difficult.

Helsinki and the Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) will receive only half of the anticipated amount of coronary vaccine this week and next.

Hus announced today that for this reason, however, the municipalities will not have to cancel the appointments already made, but the vaccinations can be continued at the planned pace.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health asked Hus and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland for an explanation that the vaccines have been left in storage. The ministry patted that previous vaccines should be given when the next batch of vaccine arrives.

On Friday, Hus responded that the uncertainty of deliveries and changed guidelines are the reason why some of the vaccines are waiting in Hus’s warehouses.

On Wednesday Hus had more than 12,000 vaccines in stock, and thousands have left and will leave the municipalities this week. Next week, less than 7,000 vaccines are expected to arrive at Hus’s pharmacy, or half the amount previously promised, but about 13,000 vaccines are scheduled to be delivered to municipalities as agreed.

Thus, vaccines with this mathematics are not left to wait in Hus’ stores.

Hus also argues that vaccine deliveries to municipalities need to be phased out also because the vaccine currently in use requires deep-freezing storage and can only be refrigerated for about five days after thawing. Thus, municipalities are given only the number of vaccines they can deliver with certainty within five days. Vaccinations were started at different times in different municipalities, but municipalities must be treated equally.

For example Helsinki has said that it is ready to start mass vaccinations for its citizens, but the problem is the availability of vaccines.

Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs and Health Sanna Vesikansa (Green) said on Monday in city council that plans exist.

“Two vaccination centers have been completed and a third will be built in early March. At the beginning of February, we will be ready to vaccinate 32,000 people a week, ”Vesikansa said.


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