Vaccinations Due to the new coronavirus situation, the vaccination schedule should be reconsidered, says Antti Rinne

Rinne, chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, asks whether vaccinations should be directed more towards areas where the virus variant is spreading.

Parliamentary Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs Antti Rinne (sd) says it might be a good idea for the authorities to rethink the current vaccination schedule in the light of the latest coronavirus data.

“From a fundamental rights perspective, it would be justified to go through how mass vaccinations for working-age people are directed. Should the epidemiological basis of the disease situation be reflected in the vaccination schedule so that vaccinations are more concentrated in densely populated areas and where people cross borders? ” The slope asks.

Health and the Department of Welfare (THL) recommended on Thursday, you would not travel from Uusimaa elsewhere, because fast – spreading virus variants are much more common in Uusimaa than elsewhere in Finland.

According to the latest data, it appears that the virus variant is spreading precisely in densely populated areas.

Slope considers that a change in the vaccination strategy could avoid restrictive measures that are difficult for fundamental rights, such as restrictions on movement.

He says vaccinating residents in high-risk areas could also protect the fundamental rights of the entire nation, as restrictions could potentially be lifted earlier everywhere if the worst colonies calm down.

“It is quite clear that people at risk need to be vaccinated, no matter where they lived in Finland.”

Slope thinks that the current vaccination strategy has been made in a very different situation from what is currently the case.

In his view, in terms of constitutional equality, citizens should be vaccinated at about the same rate everywhere, if the disease situation were pretty much the same in most places. This is not the case now.

“I am not proposing anything now, but alongside the restrictions, it would be good to consider a vaccine strategy if this could soften the restrictions on fundamental rights.”


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