Vaccinations Dozens of Astra Zeneca vaccination times are canceled daily in the Helsinki metropolitan area, experts call for vaccination

Currently, Astra Zeneca only vaccinates people over the age of 65. In Helsinki, the appointment of vaccinations over the age of 65 has not slowed down.

Astra Zenecan Vaccination sessions have been canceled dozens daily in the Helsinki metropolitan area in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

Chief physician of Espoo Anu Mustakari says that every week about 30 Espoo residents have canceled their vaccination time every day. During the day, about 250 people over the age of 65 will be vaccinated in Espoo with Astra Zeneca.

About 65 per cent of Espoo residents aged 65-69 have been vaccinated, which means that there are still about 4,000 who have not been vaccinated. Mustakari urges all of them to go vaccinated.

“The age group to which the Astra Zeneca vaccine is now targeted, I encourage them to apply for it. People aged 65-69 are an identified risk group for this disease, ”says Mustakari.

“Even though the infection rates are declining, it’s good to get that vaccine protection for yourself. I’d rather be more weeks earlier than maybe too late. ”

Helsinki Vice President, Health and Substance Abuse Services Leena Turpeinen says there is no exact information on the cancellation times of Astra Zeneca that have been canceled.

“Yesterday I heard that at one of our vaccination points, 10 people had turned around when they heard that the vaccine is Astra Zeneca.”

Vaccination is carried out at four points in Helsinki: Jätkäsaari, Messukeskus, Malmi and Myllypuro. Turpeinen estimates that there may have been a few dozen total cancellations a day. He does not find the figure alarming.

“Of course we don’t know about those people who don’t book time at all, that’s what they were thinking.”

However, according to Turpeinen, the appointment of vaccinations over the age of 65 has not slowed down. 70% of those aged 65-69 have now received their first dose. About a thousand people a day are vaccinated with Astra Zeneca.

Helsinki has set up information points at vaccination sites to address concerns about Astra Zeneca. According to Turpeinen, the goal is that fears about the vaccine would dissipate when people get information.

“Of course, our goal is to get the highest possible vaccine coverage. Information points share information so that people do not have misunderstandings about vaccinations. Of course, we are not forcing anyone to be vaccinated, but as an authority, it is our duty to provide information. ”

There have been 10–20 daily cancellations in Vantaa, says Vantaa’s Head of Preventive Health Care Services Piia Niemi-Mustonen. The numbers of people vaccinated with Astra Zeneca this week ranged from 150 to 600 a day. 74 percent of Vantaa residents aged 65–69 have been vaccinated.

Bridge At present, Astra Zeneca only vaccinates people over 65 years of age. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has determined that Astra Zeneca may be associated with a very rare blood clotting disorder, and the majority of these cases have been reported in women under 60 years of age.

However, the risks of Astra Zeneca have been assessed as extremely low. According to reports from the mother or the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the vaccine does not have a general risk of blood clots.

Serious blood clotting disorders have been reported in Finland with one vaccinee per 80,000 vaccinees. For example, the blood clot risk of birth control pills is four cases per ten thousand users of birth control pills.

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