Vaccinations Changing vaccination sites and early closure make it difficult to reach non-vaccinees – THL’s Kontio: Vaccinations should be organized “of course” in the evenings

According to THL’s Mia Kontio, areas should identify which groups have not yet been vaccinated and offer them opportunities to take the vaccine easily. The mobility of pop-up vaccination points and irregular opening hours make it difficult to reach non-vaccinators.

Vaccination rate has waned in Finland. The situation is not alleviated by the fact that vaccinations are currently available in many places, mainly on weekdays during the day.

In Helsinki, vaccination points will close by 4 p.m. In Oulu, for example, the situation is somewhat better, as vaccines are given two days a week, even in the evening.

Leading expert of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) Mia Kontio considers it “obviously clear” that vaccinations should also be provided in the evening.

“Certainly those who can go [rokotukseen] in the middle of the day, have already been there, ”says Kontio.

Wednesday By now, 84.5 per cent of Finns over the age of 12 had received at least one coronary vaccine and 74.1 per cent two doses of the vaccine. Of the age group 35-39, 78.3% have taken the first vaccine. Vaccine coverage for younger people is even lower.

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Kontio therefore considers it important that not only vaccination times but also vaccination sites be targeted at those who have not yet taken the vaccine.

“Of course, one should look regionally at who is yet to be vaccinated. Efforts should be made to make it as easy as possible for them: vaccinations would be taken where these people move, ”he says.

The Deputy Mayor of Helsinki for Social Affairs and Health, for example, has also done the same Daniel Sazonov (kok).

“Making vaccination as effortless as possible will improve vaccine coverage among those who have been addicted to vaccination,” Sazonov told HS last week.

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With pop-up vaccination points 500 to 1,200 vaccines are given per week in Helsinki. According to Kontio, vaccination points in grocery stores can effectively reach young adults who have already entered working life. The fact that some vaccination points can be moved agilely from one place to another also makes coronary vaccines more accessible.

However, according to Kontio, the mobility of vaccination points and irregular opening hours can make it difficult to communicate them. People who have not yet applied for the vaccine may not be actively monitoring, for example, the city’s website.

“One good thing would be that [pop-up-rokotuspisteet] would not change every day so people would hear [niistä] for example, from friends. And that it would have been clearly stated at the vaccination point how long it will be there. ”

In Jyväskylä Vaccination times are available by appointment until seven in the evening, but weekend times have not been introduced, says the city’s service coordinator Raija Loikkanen.

“Let’s think about it, there hasn’t been a demand right now,” he says.

Vaccination points will be opened in Jyväskylä next week in the city center and in the Seppää shopping center on weekdays until 5.30 pm and 5 pm. In addition, vaccines are available, for example, in the home games of the Jyväskylä-based hockey club Jyp.

According to Loikkanen, the unvaccinated groups in Jyväskylä are the same as nationwide: young adults aged 20–40. The city is aware that communication is challenging and people are now being tried to reach people through various means, such as social media.

In Oulu vaccines are given two days a week also later in the evening after traditional working hours. Vaccinations have been arranged on weekends in the city’s shopping centers, where there are pop-up vaccination points a few days a week, says the deputy chief physician. Jarkko Huusko.

The challenges of informing the still unvaccinated, especially in Oulu, have also been recognized. According to Huusko, the city has tried to identify unvaccinated groups and target vaccination sites accordingly. Vaccinations have been given in universities, for example. In addition, attempts have been made to reach foreign speakers by various means.

“We had an information session for representatives of foreign-speaking communities, where we also heard their wishes,” says Huusko.

Huusko encourages Oulu residents to apply for both corona vaccinations, so that vaccination protection is available for a full and corona passport.

“The corona passport concretizes that by vaccination you can move more freely.”


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