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Dear ones friends, last time the column was discussed whether, with gift cell therapies, a parent who wishes a child can express hopes about the appearance of the germ cell donor.

Pseudonym Nurse writes: “Nickname I’m asking on behalf of a guy stated: ‘If one has to resort to artificial insemination, the characteristics of the biological father remain a mystery.’ The characteristics of the biological father do not remain a mystery where neither the biological mother nor the donated germ cells are used in artificial insemination. However, most artificial insemination is done on the couple’s own cells. The term artificial insemination alone does not mean that donated gametes have been used. It would be important to use the right terms when talking about fertility treatments. ”

In addition, the column talked about paying attention to others and good behavior.

Ahti Hietanen writes: “Nickname My behavior is good wondered at a friend who he said was not fair and fair to his friends. He wrote, ‘Could it be Asperger or some other disorder?’ To the extent that it was necessary to mention Asperger at all, a better design would have been ‘Asperger or other anomaly’. I don’t think Asperger is a disorder but a difference. Difference, on the other hand, is not in itself bad. I hope that when people send questions to this column, they will use more neutral language in the future. ”

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When I watch TV series and movies, I often pay attention to the fact that people walk with their jackets open and without a headdress, no matter how cold. This is what happens in a movie, for example Cabin No. 6, in which a woman wanders in an icy snowdrift with her bare hands. IvaloIn the series, a man sets off to ride a snowmobile with his jacket open, even in severe frost. You’d think the actors were freezing. Why do instructors create such unbelievable situations?

– A cold viewer

I went to see Cabin No. 6, but I myself noticed that plush coats, sweaters and beanies went through the film.

The film producer in my reading circle estimates that from a costume perspective, the role character gets more told when he shows more layers of clothing. In addition, the layers simply look better, which is why the jacket can be left open. This is often done in clothing advertisements, even in the case of plush quilted jackets for frost weather.

The expressions and gestures of the main characters must be clearly visible. The hood is not pulled to protect the head because the actor wants to see the full profile in the side view.

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Often, the protagonist of a film is wanted to be clearly separated from other people so that the viewer’s attention is automatically focused on the events that are most important to the plot. Therefore, the background actors may have headgear, while the main characters may not. Consider, for example, war movies: helmets do not stay on for long – they are often taken off or carried in the armpit.

But it’s a laugh if the hero of the crime series cools his snowmobile in half-clothes in the forests of Ivalo. Has a person from Southern Finland been in the sticks? Or did the anti-hero escape the police in a hurry?

I am sorry to find that the stores sell pillows without a plastic cover. I would like decorative pillows, but I don’t buy ones that people have flicked with their dirty fingers. Is it even hygienic to sell a pillow so that it is exposed to commercial dust and sticky fingers? Did the shop staff tear off the plastic covers? Hardly pillows in the store without plastic are coming, are they coming?

– Buttocks

I would ask about it from three department store chains, and the answer was pretty much the same: sleeping pillows are packaged in individual plastics, while decorative pillows are often on display in the store without covers, as they are not considered hygiene products.

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Sleeping pillows often come in stores individually packaged, and the products that are flaunted in the store are specimens. The staff of the stores take care of their cleanliness and reportedly change the products to new ones regularly. An unopened package is always sold to the customer.

Stores where products are collected as a self-service directly from the shelf to their own cart are reported to have only a few items on display at a time, and the circulation of goods is fast. Stains do not have time to come. If the pillow gets dirty during transport, for example, it will not be put up for sale.

So the stores take care of the cleanliness, but it is not possible to know how many times the product is touched before the sale. However, the decorative pillow is no different in this respect from other products to which customers may have touched.

There is dust in the shops, of course, but most of it is at floor level. Thus, products such as pillows are generally placed higher.

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