USA: Pebbles, the oldest dog in the world according to Guinness Record, passed away



Pebbles was born in March 2000.


instagram @pebbles_since_2000

Pebbles was born in March 2000.

Pebbles was 22 years old. She had been recognized as the oldest dog in the world in May 2022.

Pebbles, the world’s oldest dog, died this week at the age of 22 in the southeastern United States. announced this Wednesday the Guinness book of records on its website.

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This female, from the fox terrier family, was fed cat food by her owners since 2012, which may have contributed to her longevity.

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“Pebbles, the oldest dog in the world, sadly passed away naturally and peacefully at home and surrounded by her family,” her owners wrote on Instagram.

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The dog was born on March 28, 2000 on Long Island, in the state of New York and lived most of his life in South Carolina.

The small female gave birth to 32 cubs in total.

Pebble was named the oldest dog in the world in May 2022 by Guinness Book experts.

According to her owner, Julie Gregory, the secret to Pebbles’ good health lay in grooming the dog, which she performed “with the greatest care.”

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(If you read us from the EL TIEMPO app, see this post here).

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