US control centers: The period between two doses of the Corona vaccine can be extended for 6 weeks

A man receives a coronavirus vaccine at the Brightwater Seniors Community in Highland, California

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States said that the period between people receiving the two doses of vaccination against Covid 19 – can extend up to six weeks, if it is not possible to obtain them within the recommended period.
And Bloomberg News Agency stated that the directive published on the centers’ website on January 21 states that a second dose should be given as soon as possible from the recommended schedule, either three weeks in the event of receiving a Pfizer-Bionic vaccine or four weeks in the event of receiving a Moderna vaccine.
But if it is impossible to get the second dose on time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that a second dose can be taken six weeks, or 42 days, after taking the first dose.
The CDC’s spokeswoman, Kristin Nordlund, said in an email that the CDC made the change in response to feedback on the previous directive.

Source: Agencies


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