Urban planning We want to build apartment buildings in Vuosaari, Helsinki, whose roof terraces would be the only ones of their kind in Helsinki

With the new houses, Vuosaari Kurkimoision would provide housing for 350 people.

Helsinki The aim is to build new apartments in the Kurkimoision area in the northern part of Vuosaari, the attraction of which would be roof gardens. The landscaping development project would be implemented together with the University of Helsinki.

The aim is to create new types of green roof structures for the roof surfaces and balconies of residential buildings. At the same time, it is a supplementary construction project: the number of inhabitants in the area of ​​the currently low-rise detached house area would increase by 350 and the efficiency of the blocks would double.

The project is related to the wider development picture of the area, where preparations will be made for the future Raide-Jokeri 2 light rail connection to Kallvikintie. The aim is to compact the area around Kallvikinti.

Greenhouses and opportunities for useful plant cultivation, for example, are also planned for roof terraces.­

Helsinki the urban plan of the urban environment committee on tuesday has focused in particular on deciding how to implement the green structures related to the roof surfaces and balconies of residential apartment buildings with the highest possible quality and abundance. In addition, the 3- to 7-storey residential buildings are to be located on the slope terrain so that the area’s open-rock studies and trees could be preserved in the rock legal area.

The project is based on Rakennusliike Reponen and the green service company Roslings Manor Gardens. The project is also a continuation of the University of Helsinki’s Fifth Dimension research group’s green roofs and green walls research program.

The aim of the program is to bring the latest research results to the use of construction sites and to pilot design and construction based on scientific evidence. According to the group, pilot sites are needed as a model for “modern sustainable urban development”.

The research also aims to identify ways to alleviate the ongoing sixth wave of extinction by bringing endangered species into landscaping.

“The idea in Kurkimoision is to build and bring out Finland’s endangered growth environments, such as toasted environments and meadows, thematically. We want to find out how they thrive on roofs and facades, ”says Roslings Manor Gardens Taina Suonio.

“The site’s natural values ​​have been extensively mapped and the aim is also to preserve them despite the construction. The aim is to transfer the original vegetation into future construction and roof gardens. ”

View of the roof terrace of the houses designed for Kurkimoisio.­

Suoniolla has experience in similar projects, as he was involved in designing Jätkäsaari’s Greenest Greenest Quarter. The project has been awarded both the City of Helsinki’s Construction Rose Award and the Nordic The Scandinavian Green Roof Award.

HS described the Greenest Greenest House in 2018 as follows:

On the upper terrace you can sit in the middle of meadow flowers on the biodiversity terrace. From the kitchen garden terrace it is possible to pick up fresh basil or lager for your own soups. Apple trees, blueberries and lingonberries grow on the wild berry garden terrace.

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According to Taina Suonio, Kurkimoisio’s houses are to be implemented even more ambitiously than the Greenest Greenest project.

“The peek takes the concept, research and solutions of how to combine construction and biodiversity even further.”

In 2019 was reportedthat indoor air problems had occurred in some of the homes in the Greenest Greenest Block. However, it is not known that the problems were due to landscaping.

Taina Suonio on the roof terrace of Jätkäsaari’s Greenest Greenest building in May 2018.­

Cucumber mission architect of designed houses Mika Ukkonen Arkworks Architects says he is not worried about ventilating the houses.

“Sure, the thing has to be taken into account when building, but I wouldn’t really be worried about living in the middle of nature. I would be more worried about the apartments next to the fine particles and noise of Ring Road I, ”he says.

Ukkonen says that he is extremely enthusiastic about Kurkimoisio’s project.

“This is definitely one of the most exciting projects in which I have been involved. In today’s housing industry, it is rare to be able to experience such a holistic experience. ”

Ukkonen gives an example: he says that he has considered the coloring of balconies inspired by flowering plants.

“It would be really great that when flowers burst into bloom in a particular roof garden or terrace, their shade would be the same as on the adjoining balconies.”

Kurkimoision’s houses would be built as part of the hillside.­


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