Urban Planning | The changes that form the basis of the new express train progressed in Helsinki

The Helsinki City Council approved a plan for the renovation of the Munkkiniemi and Munkkivuori area for the new light rail.

Helsinki the reforms that herald the new light rail to western Helsinki are progressing.

Helsinki On Monday, the city government approved the new site plan for the Huopalahdentie street area and its surroundings with minor changes.

Significant changes are planned to Huopalahdentie, which will make it boulevard-like in connection with the construction of the light rail. More residential buildings and offices are also planned for the area.

Largest changes are coming to the area around the Turunväylä interchange.

The new plan requires Hupalahdentie to be moved from the middle so that the road makes a small bend at the exits of Turunväylä to the west of Niemenmäki.

The plan is to significantly narrow the junction from the current one, build a new bridge over the fairway for light traffic and bring the traffic to a “bend”. The construction of the bend frees up space for office building.

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At the same time, space will be freed up for the construction of a new residential area of ​​approximately 1,000 apartments on the west side of Niemenmäentie. The housing construction will be partly located in the current street area.

The city government kept the plan proposal completely unchanged, but the location of one of the planned tram stops was moved from Paciuskenkatu to the southern end of Huopalahdentie. At the same time, the Munkkiniemi park road stop will also remain in use.

In the same at the meeting, the city government also approved the site plan for Haaga circle and Vihdintie, which are related to the same renewal of Munkkiniemi’s environment in connection with the tramway project.

At the same time, a memorandum of understanding was approved for improving the connection between Turunväylä and Huopalahti and converting Hakamäentie into a street.

The projects will still be considered separately by the Helsinki City Council.

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