Urban planning Minister of Transport Timo Harakka surprisingly presented an alternative to the Sörnäistentunnel – This is how experts evaluate it

In Haraka’s plan, vehicle traffic runs along the Old Winter Road. Experts see both pros and cons in the proposal.

Helsinki Socialist City Councilor Timo Harakka unexpectedly announced on Tuesday that it intends to oppose the planned Sörnäistentunnel.

The city council will decide on the controversial project on Wednesday.

The magpie says on his blog to base his position on a report which he himself commissioned with his own money. The study was done by Haraka’s friend, an architect Olli Hakanen.

In his writing, Magpie criticizes the Greens who oppose the tunnel for not taking sufficient account of the various options in preparing the project. The Greens have pointed out that they have put forward alternatives at various stages, but have not received enough support.

Helsinki’s urban planning is carried out by the Urban Environment Division, which is headed by the Deputy Mayor of the Greens Anni Sinnemäki.

Main the question around the tunnel debate is crystallized in Haraka’s opinion as to whether there is room on the planned light rail line east of Pasila without a tunnel.

Proponents of the tunnel see the tunnel as necessary, among other things, because of the tramway.

According to Haraka, the preliminary plan made by Hakanen shows that the Sörnäistentunneli is unnecessary and that public transport connections can be better secured without the tunnel.

According to the plan ordered by Haraka, south-north vehicle traffic will run between the Hermann coastal road and the Sörnäinen coastal road along the Old Winter Road. In the east-west direction, traffic flows on the new lanes of the Railway Bridge.

The tram station will be on top of the western entrance to the Redi car park.

The train tram station, the Kalasatama metro station and the Red tram and bus stops are connected by a covered warm corridor.

What What do traffic planning experts think about the plan commissioned by Haraka?

Helsinki Traffic and Street Planning Manager Reetta Putkonen says that there is nothing new in the plans now made public by Haraka.

“These issues have been specifically planned and clarified here in recent years, including in the context of zoning.”

According to Putkonen, the main street line presented through Vanhan Talvitie is not possible.

“This is clearly a new option compared to what has been considered in the Sörnäistentunnel impact assessment.”

“Here we have gone through a private property and it has been suggested that the street line will be changed, ie the premises will be taken from the private property to the new street.”

Putkonen says that the city will remain in the street area according to its own plans.

“An additional building right has already been zoned for that private plot, and an office building is planned for it. We have not set out to present a street connection that is not possible with already zoned plots. ”

Transportand Professor of Transportation Systems Heikki Liimatainen The report published by Haraka on the University of Tampere is a welcome addition to the discussion. Liimatainen leads the traffic research center Verneä.

“This is clearly a new option compared to what has been considered in the impact assessment of the Sörnäistentunnel,” says Liimatainen.

“It takes the Old Winter Road for through traffic. That is an idea that was not considered in the options included in the impact assessment. ”

According to Liimatainen, in Haraka’s proposal, the idea of ​​overpassing walking and cycling should be thought of differently at the junction of Työpajankatu and Lautatarhankatu due to formula issues.

According to Liimatainen, the plan ordered by Haraka has its own challenges to the flow of traffic at the junction of the Old Winter Road and the Hermann coastal road.

“It’s good to bring pedestrian and cycling to a different level, freeing up capacity for car traffic.”

Land use dissertation researcher specializing in design and transport technology Janne Olin Aalto University states that it is difficult to say anything based on the pictures presented in Haraka’s blog.

“As Harakkaki says, the essential question is whether the zero river can be implemented without a tunnel. This has not been officially clarified, ”Olin says.

“The decision-making process for the tunnel is based on a setup where the tunnel is the only option in the plans. In terms of high-quality urban development, the situation is completely unsustainable. ”

Olin is critical of Reetta Putkonen’s argument about the necessity of the tunnel.

“Such an argument cannot be made without a comprehensive explanation of the subject. Therefore, I would not consider it surprising, even if the study commissioned by Haraka says that a tunnel-free solution is possible. ”

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