Urban planning Here are the two finalists in the Elielinaukio architectural competition – the change planned for the center of Helsinki has provoked a strong debate

Five proposals took part in the architectural competition, three of which have been eliminated when moving to the second stage of the competition.

Helsinki Of the five candidates in the Elielinaukio and Asema Square architecture competitions, two have survived, Albero and Klyyga. In addition, it has been decided to reduce the volume of construction in the second round by a quarter.

HS said last week that the architectural competition goes to the second round, as no clear winner was found in the first round. The winner will survive in December.

Albero is the second of the finalist proposals. It is based on a peaceful architecture, in which a box-like whole has been sought for the massaging of the building. Area 37,450 square meters, altitude 44 meters above sea level.

Elielinaukion the plans, and in particular the volume of construction, have also provoked a great deal of public debate.

The total target for the new construction in the design area is 40,000 square meters, which corresponds exactly to the size of Postitalo (area 41,074) or Sokos (area 40,676).

The upper limit of the building height is the same as the height of the tower-like, high part of the Post Office, ie about 44 meters above sea level. Thus, new construction can be considerably higher than what the landmark of the area, i.e. the Central Railway Station building, is.

All but one of the five proposals in the competition also largely followed this scale. The proposal, named Eliel alone, was less than 12,000 square feet in size.

It couldn’t go on. The survivors of Albero and Klyyga will have an area of ​​about 40,000 square feet, and in the second round, a quarter of that, about 10,000 square feet, should be grabbed off.

In the proposal called Klyyga, the shapes are powerful, the building has a clear character of its own. The building has plenty of green roofs and recycled glass is used on the facades. There is an open passageway on the ground level. Covering an area of ​​about 40,000 square meters, altitude 44 meters above sea level.

New construction arranged on the site of the current bus station flooded by the deadline A total of 5,630 comments to the Helsinki Tell Your Position service. The amount of construction barked the most in the feedback.

In the record-breaking feedback stream, the ideas of just five different design teams were not praised. Instead, shading plantations, street cafes and a market were desired for the square.

HS presented the competition to all candidates in March.

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When HS asked readers about their own favorite in the story, a proposal called the Eliel Islands made the most votes. It received 38 percent of all votes.

The proposal called the Elielisaaristo did not go on.

Albero, who finished second, received the least number of votes, 12 percent. Second finalist Klyyga, for his part, received 14 percent of the vote. In total, more than 17,000 votes were cast.

Competition the purpose is to condense the structure of the area and to create a new Premises area by supplementing the construction, which would house jobs, accommodation services, trade, leisure activities and meeting places.

The architecture competition was organized as an invitation competition, to which three Finnish and two foreign architectural firms or their consortia submitted their proposals: Finnish offices are represented by Anttinen Oiva Architects, who designed the Kaisa Library at the University of Helsinki, JKMM Architects and C&J:

Foreign offices are represented by the Dutch MVRDV, designed by the Rotterdam Market Hall and winning numerous awards, and the Norwegian Snøhetta, designed by the Norwegian National Opera. Judges do not know which of the proposals is for which office.

The proposal called Platta could not proceed.

Competition the jury consisted of 11 members and was chaired by the Deputy Mayor of the Urban Environment Anni Sinnemäki (green).

In addition to him, the jury included investors, ie the CEO of Evata Partners Vesa Olkkola, SOK ‘s Real Estate Director Pasi Suutari, Ilmarinen ‘s Real Estate Director Tomi Aimonen and a shareholder in Realidea Oy Markku Hietala.

In addition, the jury included an Italian architect Cino Zucchi, Helsinki City Environment Business Area Director Mikko Aho and landscape architect Anu Lamminpää From the city of Helsinki.



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