Urban Planning | Helsinki rejecting the proposal to move the Myllypuro ice rink to Vuosaari

According to the proposal of the Helsinki City Council, the controversial ice rink in Myllypuro cannot be moved to Vuosaari.

Helsinki The city council will decide next week on the location of Myllypuro’s ice rink. An ice rink is planned on top of the Matokallio nature area.

Residents have criticized the natural area is heavily disturbed. The culture and leisure committee also came to an end to resist planned location for the hall. The board proposed the Vuosaari sports park as an alternative location for the hall.

In the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the City Council, it is stated that Vuosaari is not suitable for the location of the hall.

In Vuosaari the construction of the ice rink would not be successful without a change in the site plan. If formula changes were to be undertaken, it would take at least a year.

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Neither Kivikko, Malmi, Oulunkylä, Tali nor Malminkartano are suitable for an ice rink. In them, the plots of land for sports parks are either too small, they have already been reserved for other projects, or there would be the same need to change the site plan as in Vuosaari.

The city council will vote on the approval of the proposed decision on the agenda on Monday.

Ready the ice sports center would cover 16,000 square meters and include, among other things, two hockey rinks and a grandstand for about 2,000 people. It would take a large piece of forest and rocky area, and around 80,000 cubic meters of rock would have to be mined from under it.

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