Urban Planning | Helsinki decided to take a time extension in the supplementary construction of the old Herttoniemi

The protest against the extension construction gathered dozens of participants in front of the building of the urban environment industry on Tuesday.

Solution enabling the supplementary construction of the old Herttoniemi about the change in the site plan was still not born on Tuesday.

However, there is no potted plan.

The politicians of the Helsinki City Environment Board decided to take a two-week extension in the case. The matter was left on the table for the second time.

If the decision is difficult for politicians, it is also sensitive for the residents of Herttoniemi. The plans of the city of Helsinki have aroused great emotions in them.

Before Tuesday’s meeting of the Urban Environment Board, protesters against the additional construction of Herttoniemi gathered in front of the building of the Helsinki Urban Environment Department in Kalasatama.

According to the police estimate, about seventy people participated in the demonstration.

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Living in Kalasatama Saga Hytönen followed people shouting slogans from the window of his home opposite the office building.

“At first I thought there was a fight. They shouted loudly, the sound echoed here between the two houses.”

And exactly on the subject, Hytönen elaborates.

“I absolutely agree that they would save parks and living space and not put too many houses here.”

The city of Helsinki would like to consolidate the old Länsi-Herttoniemi. The new tower blocks of Herttoniemi can be seen on the horizon.

If the changes planned by the city will be realized, the spaciously built and green 1950s Länsi-Herttoniemi will change its shape in the future.

The city is pushing for a site plan change for the area, which will make it possible to build new apartment buildings in green areas and next to existing residential buildings.

There could be a dozen new houses with a maximum height of six floors. Many of them would take up space in parks.

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