Urban planning An “experiential” Moomin world is planned for the field landscape in Vantaa – Residents fear the destructive area of ​​tourist crowds

Residents have opposed the adventure park adapted to the surroundings of Backas Manor. The car park is landscaped into an orchard with flowering trees.

Vantaa the Moomin World, with its indoor parks and parking spaces, intended for a culturally and historically valuable manor landscape, would significantly change the landscape of the area.

The Vantaa Urban Environment Board approved the proposed draft formula on Tuesday.

In the formula An experience center, an event center, an indoor park and about a hundred new apartments have been adapted to the surroundings of Backas Manor. The city also wants sled dog riding in the area, for example.

There is also experientialism in the planning of the parking area.

The new apartments and the experience center mean the construction of about more than 400 parking spaces in the old manor landscape. Since it would be “challenging” to implement a large parking garage in a value environment, it is now proposed to build parking on land in accordance with the shapes of the terrain and by landscaping the parking area into an orchard.

This would be accomplished by planting flowering trees between the parking spaces.

Plan has aroused much opposition among the residents. The project is opposed by an address calling for the preservation of the manor landscape with its field landscapes.

It is feared that the tourist crowds will destroy the culturally and historically valuable manor environment. Moomin figures are considered unsuitable for the historic mansion area.

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Town’s according to the manor environment, the courtyard would remain open.

The Moomin world would settle on the sides of the manor hill and next to it would be a “personal residential block”. A total of 19,500 square meters of construction space would be built.

The project implements Aviapolis’ vision of a vibrant and international airport city, the board’s agenda text states.

The buildings surrounding the manor area are intended to focus on quality and layout so that they fit the landscape. There is also a desire for “fiskarsma activities” in the area.

The implementation of the experience center and parking spaces requires the relocation of Backaksenoja.

The matter will then proceed to the consideration of the city government.


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