Urban environment Taste dozens of trees are felled and the forest is turned into a recreation area

Among other things, there will be more benches for the strip to be renewed.

Helsinki The unmanaged forest located in Maununneva will be transformed into a park and recreation area, the City of Helsinki says in a press release. The aim is, among other things, to increase comfort and improve traffic safety.

Renovation work will begin in August with the thinning of trees and the removal of asphalt from the Mörssäriaukio parking area. The work will be carried out in the area bounded by Maununnevantie, Kaarelantie, Mörssäriaukio and Vuorilinnakkeentie.

Untreated forty trees are felled from the forest. On the other hand, new trees, shrubs and perennials are planted on the farm. In addition, a meadow is created on the site.

In addition, municipal technology, stormwater system, electricity grid, street lighting, asphalting and paving will be renovated.

There will be more benches, a trash can and parking spaces for bikes.

During the renovation work, site traffic will increase.

“On-site motor vehicle, pedestrian and cycling routes are routed on site as needed. The properties can be accessed throughout the contract, ”the city says in its press release.

“The particularly noisy and dusty stages of the contract are the felling of trees and the use of soil compaction machines.”

Work will begin on August 16, and should be ready in October.



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