Uprising in Russia, Putin’s resignation demanded: 19 deputies against the Tsar

“Putin must resign” and the front of those who push for nuclear power is growing

Nineteen Russian deputies signed a burning document: “We demand the resignation of Vladimir Putin from the post of President of the Russian Federation”. After the defeat of the army in Kharkiv and the allegations of fraud in the recent local and regional elections in which the candidates closest to the Kremlin triumphed, a petition shared on social media by Ksenia Torstrem, deputy of the Semyonovsky district of St. Petersburg was released.

According to the “rebels”, Putin would stay endangering the future of Russia cor his decisions, starting with the invasion of Ukraine. Since March, however, a law has been in force which provides for harsh sentences, up to 15 years in prison, for those who spread “deliberately false information” about the war in Ukraine. With this rule, Putin wants to prevent criticism of the so-called “special operation” and therefore the petitioners are at great risk.

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However, the defeat of Kharkiv is mounting internal opposition, with the right-wing nationalists furious about the military debacle and pressing on the Kremlin because step up war operations using more devastating weapons against Ukraine. Among these options is also the use of nuclear bomba hypothesis that terrifies Europe (and beyond).

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