Unusual: priest prevented femicide in full mass in Argentina


Our Lady of Workers Parish

The priest Adrián Marzilli presiding over a Eucharist.


Facebook: Our Lady of Workers Parish

The priest Adrián Marzilli presiding over a Eucharist.

After receiving Communion, a man threatened his ex-wife, who had denounced him for violence.

A terrible episode shocks Lanús, city in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The parish priest in charge of the Nuestra Señora de los Trabajadores church, located in the town of Villa Caraza, prevented a femicide attempt in full mass, after a man tried to kill his ex-partner seconds after receiving communion.

The event occurred this weekend, when in front of everyone present a man identified as Eduardo Oscar Casagrande tried to stab his ex-partner, Dolores Rolón, 60.

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It was the priest Adrián Marzilli who noticed that after receiving Communion, the 63-year-old man was in the last rows and took out a butcher knife. Then he tried to approach the woman, but the priest anticipated it and got between them.

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Those attending the mass managed to take Casagrande’s weapon and, according to reports, the woman activated an anti-panic button that she carried with her, since she had already filed a complaint against her ex for gender violence.

According to police sources, the authorities were alerted by a call to line 132 and Casagrande was arrested.

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“At the time of carrying out a preventive search, a blade-type stab weapon was seized from among his clothes,” It was specified in the police report, in which it is also clear that the victim was unharmed.

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