Unusual! Plane lands emergency on the avenue in Florida


Plane lands emergency on the avenue in Florida

The Pembroke Pines Police gave notice on their social networks.


Twitter: Pembroke Pines PD / @PPinesPD

The Pembroke Pines Police gave notice on their social networks.

There were two people on board in the aircraft. The authorities reported the shocking fact.

Last Tuesday, February 28, an emergency landing caused a commotion in Florida, United States. The unusual event was recorded in photographs.

According to local media, the aircraft landed in the southbound lanes of US-27, just south of Pembroke Road in South Florida.

The Pembroke Pines Police gave notice on their social networks and reported that the incident occurred after the pilot of the plane reported problems with the engine..

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“Southbound traffic will be temporarily delayed until the road can be cleared,” authorities posted at the time.

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What happened to the aircraft?

After the fact was reported in almost all the American media, it was learned that the plane was used for routine training.

The plane left the North Perry airport just before 1:30 p.m. with two people on board. Fortunately, after the emergency there were no injuries.

According to Federal Aviation Administration officialsa piston rod came loose and ripped a hole in the engine. This caused the pilot to lose control and have to land on the road.

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