University of Helsinki University of Helsinki: The university is the target of an exceptionally large-scale bot attack

According to Tomas Sjöblom, the leader of the Somet team at the University of Helsinki, the attack appears to be an information-influencing operation.

university of Helsinki is under widespread bot attack on social media.

The university reported the matter on its Twitter account itself. According to it, the University of Helsinki has received a lot of “anti-Russian comments” on suspicious accounts from some accounts.

“We’ll delete or hide all of these comments,” the tweet says.

Tomas Sjöblom is the leader of the University of Helsinki’s Someti team.

HS reached out Leader of the Someti team at the University of Helsinki Tomas Sjöblomin, which indicates that about 2,000 to 3,000 messages are received in less than a day. Messages have been sent to many university-linked accounts, both as public comments and as private messages.

“They are, at least seemingly, anti-Russian messages. For example, they call for the abolition of study rights for Russian students, ”says Sjöblom.

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According to Sjöblom, the messages are very similar on different channels and appear to be “copypasted”, meaning that automated bots send the same copied messages to many different addresses. According to Sjöblom’s assessment, the messages try to create an image that the university or, more generally, Finland has a particularly anti-Russian atmosphere.

“Yes, this seems like some kind of information-influencing operation, but of course we don’t have any definite evidence of who it’s behind.”

Sjöblom says the university has not been hit by such a large-scale bot attack, at least during his five-year employment.

“We’re trying to use us as a platform or intermediary for messages, and we don’t want to be that way.”

Helsinki rector of the university Sari Lindblom said earlier in an interview with HS that it is particularly important to him that the university does not face “any tensions” over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“We are a community of 40,000 people, where everyone is valuable,” Lindblom said.

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The University of Helsinki has stated on many occasions that Russians, Ukrainians and other scientists and students are free to work at the university.

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