University of Helsinki Tourists marveled at the singing of thousands of students at Senate Square

The drinking songs were refreshed at Senate Square when, after a four-year break, students at the University of Helsinki were able to gather for the big ones.

The Cathedral tourists who came to admire were also amazed by the rarer sight when Senate Square was filled with white student bills on Saturday night.

“I’m sorry, but could you tell me what’s going on here?”

The policemen did their best to explain to international guests why the square was full of tables full of food and, above all, drink.

Sitsi’s program includes singing together, speeches and academic dances in the late evening.

History according to the organizers, the fourth grand sitters gathered about 3,000 participants.

The large sits held for the first time in 2012 are an event for various departments and faculty, subject and hobby organizations.

Sitsit is a table party for college students that follows its own label. The key role is played by drinking songs, dressing in the spirit of the occasion and speeches.

Many participants sat among their own association or subject organization. One table was reserved for those on an international Erasmus student exchange.

The group, made up of Spanish, Lithuanian, Finnish, French and Russian participants, had gathered at the end of the table to share the traditional dishes they had made in their own countries.

“Usually, the squirrels have a three-course meal on behalf of the organizer, but the food was brought here themselves,” said the Spanish-born Carmen.

The menu for those sitting in the Erasmus party included española tortilla and pumpkin bread.

Of the year Erasmus students who studied in Finland did not know the drinking songs of the big cats Helan gåria except for.

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In the sits, participants will be given a booklet that makes it easier to join the song.

The party planned to move on to watch the Champions League final at the restaurant. Among them were also Madrid students whose home team is playing.

Central to the sits are the catering and the singing booklet to be distributed to each participant.

Participants had paid € 7.50 for the place. The price included a seat at the table and a songbook.

Part of the ensemble was conducted from the stage, but often the table parties also burst into spontaneous singing.

One of the singers was from the Häme family Laura Lampiselkä.

Lampiselkä said that he had taken on the role of a spontaneous song director when not singing at a close enough pace from the stage.

Laura Lampiselkä sang the table parties of the Hämäläinen Association. He described his association as “the largest and richest”.

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You’re great continue at Senate Square until 10 p.m.

In the late evening, the public is also offered the opportunity to participate in academic joy when it is the turn of academic dances.

On Saturday night, Helsinki could turn out to be a very exciting place for tourists.

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